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Dining Area


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Casual comfort, bright color and flexibility are some of the guiding ideas behind the design of this condominium. Unobstructed light and views are shared by every room.

Guest Apartment,
Miami Beach
Townhouse, New York, NY

Stately architecture, modern art and classically proportioned spaces are hallmarks of this project. A restrained color palette for furnishings and decorative elements allow the art to shine as the stars of this extraordinary home.

Weekend Home, East Hampton
Weekend Home,
East Hampton, NY

A modern approach to shingle style domestic architecture with lush gardens and multi-level poolside terraces.

These combine to create the perfect setting for this sprawling family retreat.

Butler's Bar, 
New York

Designed to evoke the entertaining style and elegance of the Jazz Age. Mirrors, black glass, polished nickel and crystal work in concert to set the mood.

Bar .jpg
Condominium, Miami Beach

Light, color and art are the defining features of this ocean front property. Intended for carefree entertaining and gatherings of family and friends. A sense of fun and whimsy are present in the art and decor selections.

Park Avenue Penthouse

Natural light, ample height for paintings & sculpture, and space for a library were the motivating factors for this design. Walls were removed and rooms expanded to give proper space for art and entertaining.

Park Ave Penthouse.jpg
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Showroom Antoinette.jpg
Coverlet Editorial.jpg
American Acedemy in Rome Offices.jpg
Assorted Project Gallery

Examples of showroom displays & styling, product design, commercial projects and residential interiors. 




8 Peter Cooper Road, Suite 7F

New York, NY 10010

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